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Furious Love

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I absolutely LOVE love. Whether I’m reading about it, writing about it or witnessing it, there’s just something about two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other that really does it for me. It’s…everything.

Have you seen Furious 7, yet? No spoilers here, but clearly it was a great movie because it hit billion-dollar status in a mere 17 days. A bunch of beautiful cars, crazy chases and spectacular stunts, of course, but I must say that one my favorite moments of the film happened at the end between Dom and Letty and what he said to her… AWW! 

Who could ever forget this line from the 4th film?

“It starts with the eyes. She’s gotta have those kind of eyes that can look right through the bullshit, to the good in someone. 20% angel, 80% devil. Down to earth. Ain’t afraid to get a little engine grease under her fingernails.” – Dominic (talking about Letty)


Trust me, I could go on and on about the Dom+Letty and Brian+Mia ride-or-die romances…but I wouldn’t do them justice.

So let me direct you to the latest post from Shakir Rashaan as part of his Manly Musings series on USA Today’s HEA Blog.

Manly Musings: Of Love and American Muscle in ‘Furious’

Trust me — SHAKIR. NAILS. IT. He breaks it down so well that it’ll make you want to go back and watch F&F from the beginning…

Which is exactly what I’m planning to do at some point this weekend.

A movie marathon is seriously in order!

#FuriousBinge  #pewwwn

Rediscover YOU!

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“You can’t maximize the power of your presence if you don’t know your TRUE identity…”

Start your week off right with this great message from Linda King, Founder of Perfecting You Enterprise! #GetIntoIt


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“Some people want to book a ‘First Class’ lifestyle with a ‘Buddy Pass’ mindset and then wonder why their dreams are still on ‘Stand By’.”  ~ Kisha Green, DivaBooksInc


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“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”  ~ Joseph Campbell


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“I guess nobody ever told you…all you must hold on to…is you, is you, is youuu…”  #PackLight  #Baduizms


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“Today you are YOU,
that is TRUER than true.
There is NO ONE alive
who is YOUER than YOU!”

~ Dr. Seuss


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“God, make me so uncomfortable that I will do the very thing I fear.”  ~ Ruby Dee