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Q & A With Rae


Q: What’s a typical workday like for you? When and where do you write? Do you set a daily writing goal?

RAE: Let’s see, my typical workday…anything goes. I work full-time and I also do contract work on the side, so I just try to get my writing in whenever and wherever I can. As far as setting goals and my overall process, I am shamefully undisciplined. I’m also very moody and have been known to take a hiatus whenever it suits me or to flow nonstop with little sleep for many days and nights when I’m feeling it. I really would like to be more structured because that would be a bit easier to manage than my random spurts. But the truth is, I’m not too pressed about it because I guess I do like the surprise of it all. When writing happens, it happens…and for the most part, I’m okay with that.

Q: What is the hardest part of writing for you?

RAE: I have a tendency to edit as I write, and it’s so frustrating because it stifles my flow. I may have a whole scene in my head, but I’m often unsuccessful in getting it out in one sitting because of some “perfect” word or phrase I’m searching for… it’s maddening.


Q: What was your biggest fear about the release of your first novel, UNLIKE ME?

RAE: Having people actually read it! I was pretty insecure, not wanting other people to call my baby “ugly.” Even now, I still get nervous about the critiques of my work because I really do want people to “get it” and to get me… but I’ve learned to accept that not everyone will. Sometimes, I also stress about how people will react to my voice and my style, but I’m learning to get over that too. People are going to have their opinions and the exposure can be overwhelming at times, but all in all… I’m really freaking happy to be where I am and to be doing what I’m doing. Not to mention how sincerely grateful and humbled I am by all the positive feedback for my work. Thanks SO much to all the readers… I appreciate you! 🙂

Q: Where did you come up with the idea for OPEN?

RAE: That’s a long story, but I’ll go with the short version — two people very close to me opened my eyes to something and my curiosity about it got the best of me. I wanted to explore and better understand their world without actually becoming involved… what better way to do that than through writing? Add to that my fascination with soul connections and karmic relationships and boom… you’ve got a pretty provocative tale.

Q: Where did you get the idea for 22?

RAE: I actually got the idea from a random thought I had one day about relationships. It seems like more and more people are going from hookups to breakups in record time…everyday people who get together and a few weeks later they’re all boo’d up and getting keys made and then suddenly their social media status dips into “complicated” territory before crashing right back to “single.” So I started wondering if love – solid love…not just infatuation – could actually happen in say, three weeks AND last? I’ll admit, I’m a skeptic. Especially in this age of convenience, superficiality and instant gratification. Lust yes, but love? In 21 days? I don’t know. That’s when the main character, Nina, showed up and was like, “Yeah, but what if it did happen? And if not in 21 days, maybe in 22…” And then the story took off from there.


Q: You have a rather diverse lineup of male characters. So… which of the men is your favorite – Austin, Brian, Dean, Dez, Ethan, Kyle, Luke, Quincy, Rowe or Troy? By the way… you can only choose one.

RAE: Ugh, that’s tough! They have all endeared themselves to me in one way or another but if I had to choose one right now…I’d probably go for Dean. He has ways. lol Besides that, he’s solid and genuine. Passionate. And even though his past is questionable, he’s a total good guy at heart. Plus, there’s never any pressure with Dean… he just lets you be you. I love that about his character.

Q: Are you in control of your characters or do they control you?

RAE: It’s a delicate dance, but they usually control me. I’m okay with that… now.


Q: Who would we find on your bookshelves?

RAE: There are dozens of authors on my bookshelves… my home is full of books and I probably have about fifty books in cue to read on my Kindle right now! So I guess the real question is who is most repetitive on my bookshelves? Let’s see… Eric Jerome Dickey, Tracy Brown, T. P. Carter, Darnella Ford, Grace Octavia, R.M. Johnson, Carl Weber, Sandra Brown and Dean Koontz are some of my favorites.

Q: Why did you self-publish?

RAE: My main goal has always been to become the best writer I can be and being independent gives me the freedom to do that. Besides, I’d be a fool to step to a traditional house at this time because I know deep down I am not ready for all that comes with it. At this point in my life, all I care to commit to is the craft and process of writing; my growth and development are most important to me right now. Once I feel like I’m really ready to do more than that…who knows? Never say never.

Q: What advice would you give other newbies on their indie journey?

RAE: Trust yourself. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing and how they are making it happen. It’ll only serve as a distraction. Just do you.