The Reviews Are In!


“I really enjoyed this book (DAWN OF ARIS), my first by this author. Loved Aris’s unique talent, her joy for life and the author’s ability to make her vulnerable without making her stupid. I’m so happy that the promo for this book was posted in our bookclub – I’d hate to think I would have missed out on such a good story.”

~ Sabrina S., An APB Perspective Review ~


“That’s what best about Rae Lamar’s writing. She puts you in the story every single time. This (DAWN OF ARIS) was a very easy read and such an awesome story. Of course as always, I want a follow up book. She always leaves me wanting more.”

~ Danette, Reader ~


“DAWN OF ARIS has all the elements of a great contemporary story — interesting characters, an intriguing back drop and all the drama a passionate love story can offer.”

~ Tiffani, Reader ~


“I like how Rae Lamar developed the storyline by giving us background on both characters so we could understand their journey. It (DAWN OF ARIS) was a complete story that drew me in from the beginning to the end.”

~ Y. Christine, Reader ~


“Rae Lamar did an exceptional job of giving depth to her characters, and growing the character of Aris. You will root for her and become attuned to her personality. I loved the ups and downs of this novel (DAWN OF ARIS).”

~ Chelle, Author ~


“Excellent pacing, believable characters; I wanted to know Aris and Luke (DAWN OF ARIS). And the romance was sensual. Great work!”

~ Aja, Author ~


22 by Rae Lamar is a priceless treasure and page turner. Books like these make you forget the hustle, bustle, and worry of everyday life. It offers you a bridge to escape from reality for a moment into a life of a fictional character whose story is every bit of tantalizing, electrifying, and fun. 22 is a well-written, succulent tale that gets better by the page.”

~ UBAWA (Urban Books Authors & Writers of America) ~


“Erotic, sexy and definitely makes you think about love, life and decisions. Open marriages, second college life experience, business, various cultures, soulmates. This (OPEN) is definitely an excellent quickie and great day/night read.”

~ Johnathan, Writer/Director/Creator of Books, Beauty and Stuff ~


“This story (OPEN) had me saying “uh oh” with the turn of each page. It also begs the question, what would you have done in this situation. This story was well written in specific detail, which made me feel as if the characters lived down the street. This author made the story realistic, pulled me in and didn’t let go until the unexpected end.”

~ Denise, Reader ~


“I cannot rave enough about how well written and easy to read OPEN was. The book started off great and never left me hanging. I think the book touched each one of my senses. I was inquisitively waiting to see just what the characters were going to do next. This book is such a page turner, and I recommend it for those who don’t like books that drag and need a little spice vicariously.”

~ Tia, Reader ~


“The dialogue is so captivating that you won’t want to stop. This novel (OPEN) is fantastic. Rae Lamar took her second novel in a totally different direction and revealed a different side of herself as well as her writing style. I definitely recommend this book.”

~ Ashley, Reviewer for Romance In Color ~


“When I read, I look for an author who can take me away from everyday existence and lend some excitement, make me look at myself differently, embarrass me (smile), give me new ideas and Rae Lamar does it all! I’ve read both UNLIKE ME and OPEN. Oh my Goodness!!! I couldn’t put them down. I am anxiously awaiting her next project.”

~ Sheila, Reader ~


UNLIKE ME is a page-turner! I was immersed in the lives of the characters and the plot. The chemistry between Sabrena and Rowe was undeniable…I hope there is a sequel; there has to be one. I am definitely going to add it to my reading list.”

~ Paula of The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers ~


UNLIKE ME is a good story. I love the way Rae Lamar, the author, spins the story and the way in which the sub characters come alive. Disappointing is that the story ENDS without an ending. You’re literally left in limbo, uncertain as to what is going to happen. Hopefully the author won’t make readers wait FOREVER!”

~ OOSA Online Book Club ~