What would you do if you met your match?

Ailana Scott loves her husband. Ethan is a man she will do anything for, and Ailana’s sole mission in life is to make him happy and give him whatever he wants. But when a twist of fate interrupts the couple’s blissful existence, Ailana enters a state of confusion that has her questioning everything she feels when their fantasy finally becomes reality…

Rae Lamar delivers a short, provocative novella about finding your kindred spirit when you least expect it…even when you’re already in love.

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“I accept.”

Austin stopped moving his fingers over the keyboard long enough to look at me standing in the doorway to his office. With a wink, he smiled then turned his attention back to his unfinished message. “Took you long enough. Have a seat.”

“I have class.”

“Not for another twenty minutes. Sit.”

“I didn’t take you for a spy, Professor…your talents are seemingly endless.”

He chuckled, clicking his mouse to send his message to its final destination. “As an advisor, I make it a point to be on top of my assigned students’ schedules.”

I frowned. “A bit presumptuous, don’t you think?”

“No…just optimistic. And with that came a desire to be proactive.” He closed his e-mail program and finally faced me, his eyes traveling the length of my body. “Mmm, you’re looking simply sinful this morning. Please come in. Must I ask you a third time to sit?”

“You only asked  me once.” I entered his office and sat directly across from him, legs crossed.

His eyes flashed. “I have a feeling that your decision applies to more than my offer to assist in your academic pursuits.”

“Still game?”

“No doubt.”

“If you play your position, this could be rather enjoyable.”

He raised his eyebrow. “And what position is that?”

“I think you said it best…‘conscious pawn’ right? I think it fits…because you will never be anything more than my toy.”

“You seem pretty sure of yourself.”

I stood and leaned over his desk until we were face to face. “I am.”

He took advantage of the view through my gaping blouse. “So your husband’s cool with it being me?”

“It’s my choice, remember?”

“I think I like this version of you,” he said, linking his hands behind his head as he reclined in his chair. “Let the games begin.”