On His Arm

Aris & Luke

“Good evening, Mr. Donovan. Right this way…”
“So good to see you, Luke…and who’s your lovely lady?”
“Luke! Gotta run an idea by you, bruh. Let’s chat later…”

For Aris, walking into a room with Luke was an experience.

First and foremost was the almost visceral response he evoked from people simply from his physical appearance. Height aside, a great majority would readily affirm that Luke Donovan is an extraordinarily handsome man on an average day, never mind his effortless look and appeal tonight…which naturally brought on the next phase of this encounter—the instant shift of curious eyes toward Aris, the obscure, unknown woman on his arm.

Most gazes were appreciative while some were downright hostile, especially the haughty looks from stunning and seemingly unattached women who would instantly narrow their eyes or raise a brow as if measuring Aris’s worthiness for a man like Luke.

On most occasions, Aris took it in stride and basked in the honor and the hate.

Tonight, however, wasn’t one of those occasions.

Easing closer to Luke in a blatant display of possession, Aris tried to appear deserving but she felt more like a kid who needed security and guidance.

Luke felt the sudden shift and glanced down at her with adoration in his eyes. It was so warm that Aris’s mounting insecurity melted like icing on a cinnamon roll fresh out of the oven. She smiled up at him, feeling all gooey inside.

He kissed her lips.

Whether it was his own territorial show or a tactic to relax her, she wasn’t quite sure.

Either way, it worked.

Breathing in Luke’s sophistication as he moved them further into the massive room, Aris matched his confident strides and reminded herself that she belonged in this fancy place with its fancy people.

Most importantly, she belonged with him.