Feeling Nostalgic

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Why does it always seem like post-holiday, short weeks are the longest weeks? *sigh*  TGIF.

Anyway, I was out of the office today for an annual retreat and, for the afternoon, we volunteered at a nonprofit that collects new and used children’s books and delivers them to lower-income children in the metro area.

From cleaning the books to sorting them by category to placing them on the correct shelves for later distribution, there was much to do.

Most of my time was spent sorting and shelving. I came across dozens of books from my childhood and, yes…I occasionally found myself doing more reading that working. From Goodnight Moon  to The Giving Tree, they had a really nice collection.

But when I found one of my all-time favorites in one of the piles, that’s when I knew this place was official:


What y’all know about this?! 😀

This book was one of the BEST, hands down. I mean, seriously…who doesn’t love Grover?

I was so close to asking them if I could have it. You know…for my niece. LOL

Overall, volunteering at the nonprofit was a fun experience and a feel-good end to a short-long work week. What a great cause; I’ll have to remember to donate from time-to-time. The more you give, the more they receive…kids can never have too many books.

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