About Last Night… #WineWithWritersATL

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Last night was INCREDIBLE.

Every aspect of #WineWithWritersATL was so fantastic — the music, the wine, the food, the ambience. But nothing topped THE READERS! ❤ I cannot express how grateful I felt last night; your presence and energy and genuine love for all of us means everything. I only wish there was more time last night to sip & chat… y’all are the BEST. And Quan and LaShawn… hey y’all! 😀 Can I just say how thrilled I was to see you?! *hugs*

Special thanks to Nia Forrester, the originator of #WineWithWriters. Three years ago, Nia launched this event in Washington, D.C. then again in Philadelphia and now in the A. Because of her vision, readers were able to enjoy a casual, engaging literary experience in southwest ATL last night and have what Lily Java perfectly sums up — an intimate, no-holds-barred discussion about the books we love and why we love them. I am still full just thinking about it. Nia, your brainchild is truly something special and I continue to be in awe of your talent, humility and benevolent spirit… congrats on another huge success!

Wine With Writers was a sold-out event… a for real, turning-people-away-at-the-door, sold-out event. Last night was by no means an easy feat. From the planning and the space itself to the transition between the mixer to the discussion to the book signing, it was all on point. Jacinta Howard, you da real MVP. Thank you so, so much for leading the charge and, most important, just being you. I could see your heart in every detail last night… you are amazing!

Definitely can’t forget to express my sincere appreciation for Grace Octavia. It was a pleasure meeting you, Grace, and thank you for moderating our discussion!

And to my sister writers — Jacinta, Lily, Nia, and now DL and Tasha — I am so inspired by and grateful to know you. Keep sharing your incredible gifts with the world… I love y’all! ❤

ICYMI: Check out a couple of clips below from the event.

I don’t always read at events but when I do… 😀

#TeaserTuesday | An Excerpt from ‘Blur’

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Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! Thought I’d share this excerpt from ‘Blur’ today — this Jade & Kyle scene always makes me smile and I hope it does the same for you. ❤

‘Blur’ is available now on Amazon 👉

They finally made it to the bed.

Jade was asleep in his arms, looking more relaxed than she had in weeks.

Kyle was glad he’d forced her to chill today. She pushed herself way too hard, and he could do without the adverse effects. Listening to her light snores, he made a mental note to keep her at ease as often as possible. It was best for them both.

“C’mon,” he said, gently shaking her awake an hour later. “We deserve some good ass food after that good ass love.”

She grumbled in protest.

Kyle untangled himself from her and stood from the bed to look at his love. Jade was a combination of adorable and arousing as she glared at him. He felt blessed to call her his.

“I’m really sleepy,” Jade mumbled. “Come back.”

Unable to resist, he slipped back under the covers and she snuggled close. Wide awake, he held her close and watched television for another two hours. When she finally roused, he read her eyes and rolled to his back, allowing her to take everything she needed from him, for as long and as slowly as she wanted.

Eventually, they made it to the bathroom where Jade was first in the shower and Kyle stood at the mirror, his phone streaming Pandora while he trimmed his goatee. R&B was the mood and, when Gerald Levert’s voice filled the room, Jade went into full concert mode.

“Looovin’ you… is so eee-zee for meee tuh dooo…”

“Sang that shit, love… wit yo off-key ass…”

“It’s like aye, bee, seee… one, two, threee…”

Smiling, Kyle kept shaving and joined in to help her with the last line of the chorus. “I’M LOOOVIN’ YOU, GIRL, JUST KEEP LOOOVIN’ MEEE!”


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#4Writers4Love Presents . . . ‘BECAUSE MY HEART SAID SO’ Book Trailer!

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#4Writers4Love Presents…


Coming June 15  |  Pre-Order NOW on Amazon


#Playlist – Prince All Night

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“Make the rules…then break them all ’cause you are THE BEST.” 

Thank you, Your Purple Highness. The world will never see magic like you again. Rest in paradise.

#NovelTracks | For Real

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“I can live, I can love, I can be better with you
For real
I can hear, I can feel, I can see, I can tell
You are for real”



#NovelTracks | Genuine Only

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“We may struggle, we may even very well see hell’s front gates
So don’t think that you or I are above making mistakes
Said, I’m gonna get on your damn nerves and you’re gonna make me mad
But I hope we can survive all that
‘Cause this love is good could never be that bad”



#NovelTracks | I Was Wrong

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“Last night, we fell apart and broke to pieces
Our love was in the hall, all packed in boxes”