Writer Woes | Episode 2

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Growth is a beautiful thing… 🙂  #GettingBetterEveryDay

Back In The Lab . . .

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Happy Friday, Good People!

Just wanted to do a quick check-in about my current work-in-progress. At this point, I’m nowhere near where I should be, but I did have a great spurt the other day during my lunch break from my nine-to-five. I woke up that morning with an irritable feeling, like something was on me and I just couldn’t get right until I purged it — basically, my internal signal to sit down and put pen-to-paper or, in this case, fingers-to-keyboard.

And when I was done…I can’t even begin to describe the relief I felt!

You see, before then I hadn’t written a single word in WEEKS. I was beginning to think that I should scrap my story altogether. I had been stuck on the plot, the POV, the pacing…stuck on everything, really. So to finally get some words out — a little over 2K and they had the nerve to be pretty good too?! — yeah, I was more than motivated to get back on my grind.

So cheers to the freakin’ weekend and to at least another 10K words before it’s over.

One can hope, right? 😉



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“Each one of us has the ability to touch and influence others, yet no two of us can do it in the same way.  Connecting as a communicator isn’t about trying to become someone else — it’s about reaching inside yourself and bringing out the best of what is uniquely you.”  ~ Ron Ricci

Writer Woes | Episode 1

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#MyCurrentSituation :-/


Show Me Love

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I work full time so it’s not like I’m starving  but… I’m just sayin’. 🙂

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Whatever you choose to do…I APPRECIATE YOU!


. . . And Nothin’ But The TRUTH!

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Hol’ up — I need to make some edits to that image on the right:

1.  Lose the cats and change those bunny slippers to elephants…
2.  Add my bed, my flat screen tv on mute and my Kindle Fire HDX…
3.  Sub the cookies & tea for popcorn & Pepsi…

And it’s PERFECT!  lol  #NoShame  #BeautifulMe


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What does true love sound like?  Press play.

UM & SIB | Series Makeover

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Sometimes you have to look back to move forward.

It’s tough being independent. Keeping costs low is constantly on your mind…but at some point, you have to compromise. That point came a few months ago when I was sitting at home working on another manuscript and my eyes drifted to the cover of my first baby, UNLIKE ME, and I found myself thinking “what if?”

What if, indeed.

After weeks of thought and deliberation along with multiple mock-ups and drafts, I am THRILLED with the results and super excited to be re-releasing this series!

Photography by: Made You Look Photography
Cover Model: LaTisha
Cover Design: Rae Lamar and Made You Look Photography

Full Cover - UM Final

Photography by: Made You Look Photography
Cover Model: LaTisha
Cover Design: Rae Lamar and Made You Look Photography

Full Cover - SIB Final

To Made You Look Photography and cover model, LaTisha…THANK YOU for partnering with me to bring my vision to life. I am grateful to you for allowing me to be so hands-on with this project…what a fabulous collaboration!

And a special thanks to Sharif…I appreciate you!

To my fans, please spread the word:  SAME GREAT BOOKS, FRESH NEW LOOKS!  Sharing is caring…lol

And to those of you who are still on the fence: what are you waiting for? The covers have hyperlinks to Amazon.com. Com’on…you know you want to one-click. 🙂 Seriously though, I’d be honored to occupy a space in your e-reader or on your bookshelf. I truly hope you enjoy Sabrena’s story and thank you for your support!

Completely Zapped

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Last week was a long week, and I’m drained to DEATH…

It’s hard being a low-key person in a loud-mouthed world.

I’m quitting people and checking into my awesome bubble for the rest of the day.  #DoNotDisturb


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“Turn on some music…I got my music…”

Because it’s a Summer Friday, and I needed this to wake me up at work.  #ImRetTaGo