#TeaserTuesday | An Excerpt From ‘Blur’

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Jade smiled happily as she paused to appreciate the moment.

This reunion was long overdue.

Kyle was standing behind the bar pouring drinks while she and Rachel fawned over Shahid. It felt good to be in this moment, a flashback to all the days and nights that the four of them would be in this house hanging out, doing absolutely nothing but lounging and laughing their asses off.

“Umm… drinks yet?” Rachel yelled over the music as she strolled over to the bar.

“Five bucks,” Kyle replied with a grin as he passed her the first drink. “Ain’t no freeloading ‘round here. Pay what you owe.”

Rachel snatched the glass and drained it in seconds. Placing it on the counter, she pushed it back over to Kyle. “More please.”

He raised a brow and topped her off before passing a glass to Jade and another to Shahid.

“Forever a lush,” Shahid said, hooking his arm around Rachel’s neck. “I’m so proud.”

Grabbing her drink, Jade raised her glass in the air. “I love y’all,” she said with a brilliant smile. “Cheers to all of this… to fam!”

“TO FAM!” they exclaimed.

“Sheeeit!” Shahid choked out after emptying his glass in one big gulp. With one eye open, he nodded at Kyle in appreciation. “I… fucks… wit… youuu…”

“Eww,” Jade whined after a taste, her face twisted in disgust. She looked at Kyle. “What the hell is this?”

“Proof that da Lawd truly loves us, hunny,” Rachel replied, bumping Jade with her hip as she took another sip. “Drink up!”

Kyle grabbed a carton from the counter. “Come’re and lemme add a lil more juice to my baby’s sippy cup.”

Jade stuck out her tongue and then her glass.

After filling it with pineapple juice, Kyle leaned over and slipped his tongue into her mouth.

“Cuz… are they really doing this right now?” Shahid asked, his face a mixture of amusement and alarm.

“What? This creepy-cute and supremely unnecessary display of affection?” Rachel countered. “Yeah. It’s their thing now.”

Shahid cringed. “This has to end.”

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Jade Warner is back home. The bad part? Starting over. The best part? Reconnecting with Kyle Malone. Picking up where they left off years ago, it feels just like old times…except for the mutual attraction and questionable feelings, which are all brand new. For Jade and Kyle, it’s unthinkable to hook up given the history of their fail-safe friendship but anything can happen when you live under the same roof… and once that line between platonic and romantic is crossed, all bets are off.

What starts as bliss soon turns bleak when the blinders come off. Jade and Kyle have always been opposites, but they soon realize that it’s going to take a lot more than attraction and assumptions to reach happily ever after.

The easy choice? Return to what’s left of their friendship.

The hard truth? Sometimes you can’t go back.

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