#FBF | From Part 1 of BLUR

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Jade opened her eyes to find she was alone in bed.

In Kyle’s bed. In his room.

Jade still couldn’t believe that she’d forced them past the point of no return, but Kyle was definitely a willing participant. Actually, more than willing given how much energy he’d had for her. She expected it to be awkward, and it was… at first. Then, all the pent up sexual frustration took over and they forgot about all the reasons why they had no business doing what they were doing… because it felt like they should have been doing it all along.

In her twenty-five years of life, Jade had her fair share of lovers but never had she felt so connected to a man, especially for a “first time” experience. Every single thing Kyle did sent her mind and body reeling, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise that their first round was shorter than the time it takes to cook quick grits. Sadly, it had all been a blur of emotions, movement, sounds and sensations until she couldn’t hold it any longer. It had been difficult to keep it at bay even in that short time, but it was too good… Kyle had felt too… damn… good… and she simply let go. Every doubt, inhibition and fear fell away as she erupted, her body soaring to a high she’d never experienced before.

But it wasn’t just the orgasm that blew her mind.

It was the attention and the intimacy and the trust and the love…

Jade grabbed a pillow and covered her face as her mind replayed the pleasure, cringing at how out of control she’d been. Sure, she recovered during their second round and had played it pretty cool since then but what happened between them that very first time was startling and surreal. Her intention had been to do exactly what she said when she straddled him in bed… to finish what they started. Keyword—finish. To initiate and close a single, sexual encounter that she’d expected to not only take the edge off but also erase any notions that something serious could exist between them. A one-time romp that would put a stop to all of the weirdo moments that had been interrupting who they really were and who they’d always been to each other. A casual hookup that would feel just as good as their sofa action the other night… and then, basically, END.

Surprisingly, it felt way more than good.

It felt like a beginning.

blur-final-book-cover-sr-cropFind out how Jade & Kyle’s story ends in Part 2 of the full-length novel, BLUR — On Amazon 👉 http://amzn.to/2hAb6tm.

About BLUR:

Jade Warner is back home. The bad part? Starting over. The best part? Reconnecting with Kyle Malone. Picking up where they left off years ago, it feels just like old times…except for the mutual attraction and questionable feelings, which are all brand new. For Jade and Kyle, it’s unthinkable to hook up given the history of their fail-safe friendship but anything can happen when you live under the same roof… and once that line between platonic and romantic is crossed, all bets are off.

What starts as bliss soon turns bleak when the blinders come off. Jade and Kyle have always been opposites, but they soon realize that it’s going to take a lot more than attraction and assumptions to reach happily ever after.

The easy choice? Return to what’s left of their friendship.

The hard truth? Sometimes you can’t go back.

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