#SampleSunday | A Snippet From ‘Blur’

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Another game of Gin with drinks of the same name.

“Five…four…three…two,” Jade rapped along with the song before she flashed an Ace of Hearts, the final card in her grip, then slammed it down to win her third hand in a row. “One, run, ya done when I see…you…”

Kyle smirked as she celebrated. “All that and you ain’t nowhere, playa,” he said casually as he calculated the score and raised the notepad so she could see for herself. “I’m still up forty…but keep dancin’.”

Jade stopped and frowned.

“Your deal. Just make sure you don’t give me what I need to get this last seventy or this game is over.” Kyle sat back and watched as she snatched the cards, stacked them up and began to shuffle. “But I must say that I appreciate how you don’t let all those L’s get you down, baby. Didn’t expect you to catch up this quick either…then again, you do tend to take these bitches down to the wire—”

“Cut,” Jade snapped, narrowing her eyes.

“My pleasure.” He cut the deck and nodded for her to proceed. “Run it.”

Jade tossed cards back and forth between them as they continued talking shit.

Just like old times.

This was exactly what she was hoping for on the way to his house…a chance to press the reset button on their friendship and get back to whom they’ve always been—two homies stretched out with nothing but dap, digs, drinks and no drama between them.

They were still avoiding what happened the other night and Jade was completely okay with dodging that conversation because it was the last thing she wanted to talk about…

And because it never should’ve have happened.

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