21 Days of Love – Coming in February!

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“Love knows no bounds, has no limits, and accepts no barriers.
The love of a Savior so merciful and kind, and to all of your lover’s faults it makes you blind.
The love for a newborn child, so gentle and sweet.
The love between a man and woman so passionate, so full of heat.
Love pulls the strings of your heart, and love will never be tamed.
When it captures you in its embrace, no one can be blamed.
Crossing the barrier from enemy to friend…Love knows no bounds.”
~ Chelle Ramsey

21 Days of Love celebrates intimate, passionate love, to gracious, merciful love. From that sweet first love to that passionate burning love, your heart will be on fire. Join 21 authors in February for a lovely celebration at: www.chelleramsey.com/beautifully-inspired-blog.

** FYI – I’ll be in the spotlight on Thursday, February 4th! **
Join me for a chance to win a free copy of The Aris Effect! 🙂

21 Days of Love

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