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nanowrimo blogAs of 9PM Sunday (Nov 30), I have officially written 3,280 words for the week:

Day 24 – 581 words
Day 25 – 267 words
Day 26 – 564 words
Day 27 – writing break/Turkey Day 🙂
Day 28 – 703 words
Day 29 – writing break 🙂
Day 30 – 1165 words

That brings my final NaNo word count to 31,384.
A little over 30K in 30 days? Not bad at all.

Though I am totally bummed that I didn’t write 50K in 30 days to win NaNo, I still have a few reasons to celebrate on Day 30:
* My WIP currently has 57,516 words and counting (includes 31,384 for NaNo).
* 30 of 34 chapters are complete; 4 more to write. I plan to knock those out this week.
* Roughly 257 unedited pages so far. Looks like I’ll be right around 300 when I’m done.

I’m excited tonight because NaNo helped me get out of slacker mode. I had been in a serious writing slump this year; progress coming in fits and starts…until November 1st when I finally got myself together. Over these past thirty days, I was reminded that I can write every day…and that if I do take a day off, it doesn’t have to turn into a month-long drought. This month was tough, but it was what I needed to keep pushing my pen. To stay in the game. It was worth it.

Well, folks…NaNo is officially a wrap. Congrats to all those who did make it to 50K and beyond. I salute you!

Now, back to the lab I go. It ain’t over…I have a novel to finish!!!

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