NaNoWriMo | Status Sunday

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nanowrimo blogAs of 9PM Sunday (Nov 23), I have officially written 6,558 words for the week:

Day 17 – 568 words
Day 18 – writing break 🙂
Day 19 – 182 words
Day 20 – 457 words
Day 21 – 1076 words
Day 22 – 688 words
Day 23 – 3587 words

That brings my NaNo total word count to 28,104 words…
At least I achieved Week 2’s 27k goal! LOL Gotta celebrate when you can.

Week 3’s goal? Not even close. *shrug* But I am pretty proud of how much I knocked out today, the best of it flowing during the wee hours this morning.

Next Writing Goal:
Though 50K is still the ultimate goal, I’m definitely pushing to cross the 40K mark by Sunday night.

Back to work. Seven days and counting… #HellWeek

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