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About This Weekend . . .

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Y’all. I’m EXHAUSTED… but in a great way. My weekend has been craaazy; the entire week, actually. I enjoyed every moment of it though — the great discussions with the participants in the classes I facilitated during the week, the release of ‘Because My Heart Said So’, celebrating a friend’s birthday, Father’s Day with my family, out watching Game 7 of the NBA Finals… yeah, great times! But I have to say that the Indie Love In The A Soiree at the Riverside EpiCenter on Saturday was definitely EPIC! 😀

Jos-Renee Marks, you are a jewel! ❤ Thank you so much for having the vision and the heart to bring it to life for all of us! And to every soul who had a hand in the soiree's execution…y'all are the best!

To everyone who traveled long and short distances, THANK YOU for all the love, encouragement and support! My favorite part of the event was the opportunity to see and talk to FB friends in person for a little while — y'all are amazing people and fun, fun, fun! I appreciate you more than you will ever know. ❤ To those I met for the first time, thanks so much for chatting with me and giving me a chance… let's stay connected! 🙂

To my fellow authors, I FINALLY got to meet y'all in person too! lol Know that y'all are incredible and that I truly respect your pen game and who you are. All the very best to all of you, always! ❤

And now I hear that there will be a repeat of this next year?! YES… can't wait!

I'll post pictures on my Facebook author/book page at some point but, right now, I need to catch a few hours before I get back into my 9-to-5 grind mode. You already know how painful waking up is about to be for me! lol



Check Out My New Fan Page!

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So I don’t know why I waited so long to this but better late than never, right?

http://www.facebook.com/RaeLamarBooks 👀

Check it out… I hope you “Like” it. 🙂


Rae Does Her Celebratory Booty Dance.

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So…this happened. 😀

Check out my interview on Lily Java’s blog! I’m talking ‘bout stumbling out the gate, collaborating with three of the dopest writers out here in these indie streets and appreciating f-bombs.

Good times. Check it out!

Lily Java

Once again Sydney Tarr’s has commandeered my blog but I am not mad at her y’all because she came with her third interview from the team that wrote Because My Heart Said So, A Friends-To-Lovers Collection being released on June 15th and available for pre-order on Amazon now for a discounted price until release day. Today she is speaking to the captivating author Ms. Rae Lamar. Have at it Sydney!

Sydney: Hi Ms. Lamar, I’m really happy to meet you. I have to tell you I’ve actually read the Aris Series (at Lily’s prompting) and I loved the books. After reading your work I heard that you’ve been writing for a long time and that you’d published several books before the Aris Series hit the market. Is that true?

Rae: Hi Sydney! It’s great to meet you too. And please, call me Rae. I’m so glad to hear…

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Indie Love In The A Soiree | Saturday, June 18

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I am thrilled to be a part of this event! 😀
Books. Giveaways. Intimate conversations.
Don’t miss it. I’d love to see you.

This is a FREE literary event, but you have to register to attend:
http://www.eventbrite.com/o/jrm-9505142483Indie Love In The A Soiree

#Playlist – Prince All Night

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“Make the rules…then break them all ’cause you are THE BEST.” 

Thank you, Your Purple Highness. The world will never see magic like you again. Rest in paradise.

Rae Lamar Book Signing @ 2016 Mad Hatters Event!

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This Saturday, I will be selling and signing copies of my books at the 2016 Mad Hatters Event…WOO! I’m thrilled to be a part of this wonderful day of fashion, food and fellowship.

Many thanks to the Atlanta Suburban Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated for having me again this year… fun, fun, fun! 🙂

2016 Mad Hatters

BRAB’s Diamond of the Day Author — ME!

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Today, I was Diamond of the Day Author over at Building Relationships Around Books Online Book Club — YAY!

Many thanks to Sharon Blount and all the Reading Warriors of BRAB…I had a blast.

Also, CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of The Aris Effect e-Book Giveaways — Denise, Matysha, Tiffany, Shauntavia, Sharon and Anita. Thanks for playing and I hope you enjoy the books, ladies…Happy Reading!