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What goes on in the Palace, stays in the Palace…

Ever pick up a novel about a Dominant woman only to find Her story is told from a submissive point of view?

SAMOIS is definitely not that.

In this fourth installment of the Nubian Underworld Series, Shakir Rashaan introduces a female supremacy fantasy world led by our faves Lady Neferterri, Mistress Sinsual and Mistress Blaze. Join them along with sajira, shamise and a special VIP guest at the NEBU compound during a shocking and sultry “SAMOIS Society” weekend in the A, guaranteed to question the definitions of loyalty and friendship.

Check out the exclusive excerpt below from Lady Neferterri’s point of view… enjoy!


“my Lady, there are a couple of SUVs here with federal government plates at the front gate, and a Secret Service agent requesting Your presence.” Sigma’s voice boomed through my earpiece as I was making final preparations for the Marketplace session later. “What is Your ETA, my Lady?”

To say my whole world stopped would be an understatement. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to expect this VIP attendee or not, so I kept that information close to the vest in case it didn’t come to fruition. While I realized it would be wholly unreasonable to expect her attendance, I held out hope that the promise of complete privacy and the recommendations of several of her colleagues who enjoyed the Thebes compound in northern Virginia would convince her that the trip during her scheduled time away from her Sir and work would be worth it.

Sigma’s radio communications in that moment were proof that the efforts were not in vain. “Sigma, please let our guest know I will be there within three minutes.”

“Yes, my Lady, relaying the message to the agent now.”

I wasn’t sure who I wanted to accompany me to the front entrance to receive this guest, but I decided it was best to maintain a measure of decorum and deal with her myself. It wasn’t like we hadn’t had high-powered clientele before, but reaching this high was rare air to say the least. Beloved had been communicating with her Sir for some time now, back when he was a US Senator, but with his recent promotion, it had become difficult for him to get out without triggering media frenzies.

My game plan was to have one of his girls to attend the event, and I acquiesced to the presence of Secret Service agents on the premises also. What that meant was for me to explain on the fly to the rest of the attendees that everything was fine, the agents were not looking for anyone, but they were there to protect their assigned official. Considering this was both a one-shot chance for her to cut loose and a rare chance to expand the quality of the clientele a bit, I couldn’t leave anything to chance by someone getting a bit star-struck and start running their mouth on social media.

I took one of the golf carts and made my way to the front entrance, where Sigma was waiting for me. His facial expressions had me wondering if he’d been around this type of government appearance before. He didn’t give me any indications that he was nervous or anything of the sort. He helped me out of the cart, offering his forearm for me to hold on to while we walked toward the SUVs.

“Did the agent give an idea of who they have with them?”

“No, my Lady, they stated that their orders were to wait until You arrived, and they would allow You to speak to them directly.”

I wasn’t sure how to receive that information. “That’s fine, Sigma, I assume they are in the rear SUV?”

“That is correct, my Lady. I was told once You arrived to escort You to that vehicle and to seat You inside to speak further.”

“Are you comfortable with that plan of action, Sigma?”

“No, my Lady, but these are Secret Service agents, and they are acting under orders. In that vein, i am willing to offer a little faith that this is standard operating procedure.” Sigma held my arm tight, trying to not sound too protective, but he understood that, Secret Service or not, his directive with regard to my safety overrode everything else.

“Then, let’s play it their way for now, and if anything is off-key, I’ll make sure to let you know. There was a reason I wanted you by My side for the weekend, and I’m comfortable handling this knowing you know what to do if things go left,” I replied as we made it to the rear passenger door of the SUV.

Sigma opened the door for me, ensuring I was comfortable once I was inside, doing his best to avoid staring at the beautiful woman sitting in the seat next to me. He paused for a second, gathering his thoughts before he refocused his attention on me. “i will be outside the vehicle awaiting Your return, my Lady.”

Once he closed the door, I turned my attention to the striking beauty sitting in the captain’s chair next to me. She nodded toward her agents, who exited the vehicle so we could have some privacy. “Mrs. Alexander, I would like to thank You for making accommodations for Me and My team on such short notice. It is difficult to plan these things out, as I’m sure You can imagine.”

“Ms. McAvoy, I am glad that the schedules and stars aligned for You to make an appearance and enjoy Yourself. I’m hopeful that we will be able to provide the type of environment that Your Sir will be comfortable allowing You to indulge in moving forward.”

Lea McAvoy was the current White House Press Secretary, so having her in house was a major coup. She didn’t get a lot of down time, so the fact that she wanted to spend it at NEBU was a source of pride for me. Coordinating efforts with her Secret Service detail was exhaustive, but in order to have what I wanted, I had to put up with things I might have been uncomfortable with.

Watching her smile was worth every bit of stress I went through. “My Sir is looking forward to hearing about my excursion to Your compound. If everything goes according to plan, He and My sis may require the ability to have You and Yours secure a contingent of Your closest friends and extended family to join us for an event at our private residence out in California at a date to be secured later.”

“I’m looking forward to providing You with that experience. Beloved and I are hopeful that Your Sir is able to become the second black POTUS this next election cycle.” I leaned back in the seat, doing my best to soak in the gravity of her last statement. In a recent history of game-changing moments, this was the next in a long line of them. “Do I need to make any special accommodations for You and Your detail? All other arrangements have been made to Your specifications.”

“My Lady, You have been more than gracious, and that alone is enough for Me to make the call back to DC to speak to My Sir further. I’m sure He, You and Your Beloved will have a lot to discuss moving forward. I can’t wait to put Him in contact with You both.”

“I’m pleased to hear that, Ms. McAvoy. I’m very certain Ramesses will be anxious to discuss some next level discretionary measures to ensure that He can balance things out. If His path comes to fruition, those measures will become critical.”

I did my best to keep my elation under wraps, but it was difficult to do so in front of her. We’d had a chance meeting at a fundraiser for Vice President Terrell Warren—he was Senator Warren during that time—and once he and Ramesses were in close proximity of each other, the whole “game recognizes game” familiarity drew them together. The ensuing conversation inside the presidential suite at his hotel was still being talked about by amani and the girls, especially when they were able to sit and enjoy it with the Second Lady, Kianna Warren, and Ms. McAvoy.

From that moment forward, we’d been able to maintain streamlined communications with the Second Family, maintaining a heightened level of discretion, to the point to where the only persons who even knew of our connection to them were sworn to secrecy, under penalty of ostracization. We couldn’t risk not having access to the circles that they were in, especially if we wanted to implement other phases of the grander scheme with regard to having more exclusive clientele visiting the compounds on a regular basis.

“We can stop with the formalities, Neferterri. You can call Me Lea, and My Sir isn’t thinking about the Oval Office yet. There’s too much he and President Yeager have to deal with at current, including the current Stateside issues and trying to fund the infrastructure upgrades and other projects to continue to stimulate the economy.” Lea shook her head as she realized she was bringing work with her yet again. “Forgive Me, it seems I need this a lot more than I’d originally thought. I didn’t mean to bore You with the droning going on inside the District.”

“I wouldn’t worry about it, Lea, we know it can get to be a bit redundant at times, but we have confidence they will get everything taken care of before the midterm elections come around.” I patted her hand to bring her down a few notches so she didn’t feel so agitated. “What can I personally take care of for You?”

“Right at this moment, I just want to rest for a bit before the festivities begin later tonight,” Lea smiled as she perused the itinerary I’d sent to her on her smartphone. “I’m quite looking forward to the spectacle of this Marketplace session. I doubt I will partake personally in the selection process, but it will be fun to watch it all unfold. The submissive that You screened and vetted for Me will be quite enough for Me to enjoy this weekend. I thank You for that, and that will be enough to recharge the batteries and get back to My Sir and sis.”

“Well, please know that if You do have anything, Sigma is the quickest way to get to Me. he is the security director for the event this weekend, and he is in service to Me also,” I replied. “Let’s get You set up so You can get comfortable, and if You don’t mind, I would like for You to get reacquainted with our girls and boy. I’m sure with the bubble that You have to live in up in the District, having some people who aren’t in the grinder would be a refreshing respite.”

“I’m looking forward to that meeting, My Lady. They were an absolute pleasure to be around, and it helped My sis a lot with being comfortable in her surrender watching shamise and sajira in their interactions around the two of You.” Lea leaned toward me, close enough that I could inhale her mango-fresh scent. Her eyes spoke volumes, but I did my best to keep things on the level…for now. “Is there anything that I need to do to make things less distracting for You during Your event? We did our best to be as low-key in our arrival as possible, we don’t want to provide any more of a distraction than necessary.”

“All I want You to do is unwind, enjoy the weekend, and if You need to have any of the submissives that I have designated to take care of any of Your needs, please let Me know. You have to get back into the fight after this weekend is over, I want to ensure that You have built up enough capacity to deal with the madness.” I patted her hand, returning her mischievous grin with one of my own. “We need to do whatever it takes to get You back in the fight and looking damn good while doing it, I got You.”

Reenter the Nubian Underworld! SAMOIS is now available as an exclusive release via Naleighna Kai Recommends and ShakirRashaan.com… get your copy TODAY.

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