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#4Writers4Love | Because My Heart Said So… A Friends-to-Lovers Collection

Today, we’re visiting Lily Java’s blog – check out Nia Forrester’s interview about the collaboration and her story, Acceptable Losses. No spoilers! 🙂

Lily Java

Today my blog is being hosted by Sydney Tarr, the heroine from my next publishing venture. Sydney isn’t a journalist but she is known for having a fine eye for details as well as an inquisitive nature. She’s also really good at ferreting out secrets. So when Sydney expressed an interest in meeting the writers from Because My Heart Said So… A Friends-To-Lovers Collection by Nia Forrester, Jacinta Howard, Rae Lamar, and me being released in June — I jumped on that like a drop of water on a hot skillet.

First up, Nia Forrester!

Sydney:  Ms. Forrester, it’s very nice to meet you. Lily is always going on and on about you and your books, she says your last one The Fall was “da bomb”. Anyway I wanted to know since you’ve been writing a while and you’ve published many successful and well-loved books; what drew you into…

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