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Today, P.K. Rashaan is stopping by to give us a little taste from his debut — Crazy.Sexy.Unthinkable.Love!

Check out the excerpt below… Happy Reading! 🙂


pk rashaan

A painful breakup leads Deion McKenna to revert to his womanizing ways, deciding that being a player was the best medicine for his broken heart. Using his good looks and swagger as a top-level executive at RPK Entertainment, he endeavors to have any woman he wants…and no woman is off limits.

Alexia Anthony was focused solely on her music career as a member of the R&B group, Isyss, swearing off relationships until the group was signed to a record label. With an ex-boyfriend insistent on rekindling their affair, she does everything she can to avoid men altogether, and she can’t afford to be distracted by anyone, not when the group was so close to achieving their dreams.

A chance meeting threatens to turn both of their worlds upside down. Despite the promises made, the connection between Deion and Alexia is intense and undeniable. Alexia’s unexpected attraction to Deion’s best friend, Natalia, sets into motion an unforeseen course of events, culminating into a serendipitous union that pushes the boundaries of normalcy.


I let En Vogue roll with me for this segment of the story line, where Alexia had to deal with her ex, who wants to try to find a way back to them being together…

“WHY ARE YOU HERE? WHAT DO YOU WANT? I’m not in the mood for your BS tonight.”

Seeing the reason why I swore off men standing at the doorway to my apartment was the last thing I needed. I was still highly aroused from trying not to flirt with Deion, and I did not want to take my fuckstrations out on this son of a bitch.

My ex-boyfriend Troy had this grin on his face as I walked toward him, opening his arms in an attempt to welcome me with a hug. That grin quickly faded when it was met with stone-cold contempt. “Come on, baby girl, I know you’re not still mad at me?”

He tried to close the space between us, but I placed my palm against his chest and straightened out my arm to let him know my personal space would not be invaded. He no longer deserved that right. “Okay, I think that answers my question.”

“I hate repeating myself. What do you want, Troy?” My food was getting cold, and this wasted conversation threatened to piss me off. “I have a lot of stuff to do in the morning, and I need to get some sleep.”

“See, that’s the problem, you were always thinking it was about me.” Troy exhaled. He cocked his head to the side, realizing he couldn’t figure out my mood. “You know that I was always focused on us, baby girl.”

“Mmmhmmm, so focused that you decided that having another chick sucking and fucking you in my car was for our benefit, right?” I shot a look at him that immediately shut him down. “That’s what I thought. Focused…yeah, right.”

“Aight, look, Alexia, I ain’t come to argue.” Troy’s demeanor changed up, switching to a more serious tone. He was never serious while we were together. “I know I fucked up, but we were good together, you know that.”

“Yeah, you fucked up, that part you definitely got right.” I huffed, pushing him out of my way to get to my door. “Now, if you will excuse me, I have to try and eat something before I crash.”

“Yeah, I know, your music career comes first,” he spat. The anger in his eyes was definitely something new. That was something he never mentioned before, even when things went bad between us. He never bad-mouthed my music or the group, especially since he was an up-and-coming hip hop artist, trying to break out solo from the group he’s been with since before we got together.


He had me pegged for being a wannabe superstar’s girlfriend who was cool with being behind the scenes.


Now that I thought about it, the whole issue with ol’ girl really didn’t bother me all that much. We were dating, so it wasn’t like he locked me down with a ring or something like that. My ring fingers were as bare as naked daylight. If he was straight up, I might have been good with the program. As high as his sex drive was, he was wearing me out, I would have welcomed the break to let some other chick do the sex marathons I wasn’t willing to bother with anymore.

Truth be told, he was becoming a bit boring in bed anyway, pulling the same tired moves to get me aroused and the same tired strokes to keep my juices flowing. If he had the chance to learn something new from some other bitch and bring it home to switch things up, I might have been able to roll with that.

Still, he violated my car with a bitch that didn’t hold a candle to me despite her belief that she was willing to do what I wouldn’t do, and I still won’t do: be a groupie and to the “great” TraumaDryl.

“Yeah, my career comes first, and the fact that you didn’t bother supporting it, but you could support your need to keep your magic stick wet even though I was fucking you like a porn star is the reason you’re stuck right now.” I let him have it with both barrels, no longer in the mood for this conversation to continue.

“Alexia, I…okay, I caught you at a bad time, and you need some sleep, maybe that’s why you’re all hormonal right now.” Troy finally backed off, heading toward the parking lot. “But we’re not done talking about this. I know you’re not over me yet, I can feel it on you, shawty.”

“Go, Troy.” I slammed the door on him, irritated beyond words.
Damn, he completely killed the buzz that I was on, and I hated the fact that he was right.

I wasn’t over him…yet.

But it was times like this that made it easier to forget about him.
I was tempted to reconsider my initial consideration while he was still within arm’s reach. I was definitely in heat since I was unabashedly fantasizing about a man that I had yet to even have a full conversation with. My body wanted it, if only for the temporary release, but my mind made it explicitly clear that I’d made that mistake once before, and I was not about to make that mistake again.

In short: he simply wasn’t worth the trouble.

Considering that he caused me to have to microwave my food before bed only gave me another good reason why I was glad I didn’t let him in. I really wanted to beat his ass for causing my food to get cold, but that anger would have manifested itself into something else. It always did when it came to us.

No matter how feral I felt, I couldn’t let him back inside. He’s been gone too long to ever get back in like that.

No fool, no more.


P.K. Rashaan is the “alter-ego” of erotica and mystery author Shakir Rashaan. Although he is not as edgy as his more celebrated counterpart, P.K. brings a more sensual, yet intriguing universe, delving into genres and topics that he and Shakir agree are more palatable for a widespread audience. You can see more of Rashaan at his virtual home or connect with him on Facebook.


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