BEJEWELED: A Beautiful Blend by Chelle Ramsey

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Author Chelle Ramsey is back again to celebrate her latest release in The House of BeJeweled Series! 🙂

Check out the excerpt below and purchase your copy today…Happy Reading!


Olivia believes she can have it all. A successful business and a loving husband. But his ex-wife is not ready to walk away, and continues to threaten any chance he and Olivia might have at happiness. When Olivia discovers she’s being stalked, secrets her mother took to the grave come creeping out.

The baby Nikki and Carlos have been planning is finally on the way. One problem…the paternity is at question, and Carlos is in the dark. To protect her secrets, Nikki’s ready to sever ties to both men that hold the key to her heart. But one half of her heart won’t let go, and the other half is willing to fight until the end. The birth of her child may lead to the death of her marriage.

One test has the power to determine the truth. One test will change their lives forever.

Deception will bring separation, and destiny will mend two broken hearts. And in the end, everyone must work together to create a beautiful blend.


“I don’t think it’s anything to worry about, Ivy. He’s just a harmless homeless man. They do travel around, but maybe it isn’t the same person you saw at the Buckhead location,” Raymond assured Olivia over dinner that night.

“I don’t know, Ray. He not only looked like that man, but he sounded like him, as well. There was something about his eyes. I know I’ve seen him before,” she debated.

Raymond speared a chicken breast chunk with his fork and put it in his mouth. He wore a thoughtful expression, and his mind appeared to be a million miles away.

“What is it, Ray?” she asked, setting her fork down on the side of her plate. She removed her napkin from her lap and walked into the kitchen to grab the pitcher of tea from the refrigerator.

Walking back into the dining room, she noticed that her husband was still far off in thought.

“Hey, what’s on your mind?” she asked again, refilling his glass with tea and then her own.

“I’m heading out of town this weekend,” he murmured, and then took a sip of his tea.

“What?” she asked, looking up from her task, inadvertently spilling a few drops.

“I said, I’m heading out of town this weekend,” he repeated, a little firmer and louder than she thought was necessary.

“To Boston?” she asked quietly, wiping her spill with a paper towel.

His trips back to Boston to visit his ex-wife and kids had become more frequent lately. He had visited two weekends prior. She believed the only reason he hadn’t gone last weekend was because he had to speak at a seminar for fire professionals. Each time he returned home, he came back in a bad mood.


“Why do you have to keep going up there, Ray?” Olivia whispered. She suddenly had lost her appetite and removed her plate from the table.

As she entered the kitchen she turned to look back at her husband through the breakfast nook. She thought she saw a glimpse of guilt on his face.

“They’re my kids, Ivy. I thought you understood that. How else am I going to see them?” he asked, frustration overtaking his expressions.

“I do understand that, Ray. But I also understand that you haven’t fought for your rights. Why don’t you take her to court? She cannot keep battling you and refusing to allow you time with them unless you return to Boston,” Olivia argued back.

“I told you once before I don’t want to drag her to court. She might’ve been crap as a wife, but first and foremost she’s the mother of my kids. And I will give her the respect she deserves for that, if for nothing else.” He scooted his chair back and grabbed his plate to bring it into the kitchen where she stood. From the looks of his plate, she wasn’t the only one who had lost their appetite.

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An original Georgia Peach, Chelle Ramsey is a fiction author, writing stories to encourage, empower, entertain and strengthen readers. Many of her stories are based in her birthplace of Atlanta or her husband’s hometown of Cincinnati, where readers can relate to local hot spots and events. She wants her readers (women and men) to become empowered to rise above adversity, with faith in God, and belief in themselves.

Chelle holds an MBA in Human Resource Management, which she puts to use in her property management role by day, while she writes her fiction novels by night. Her most important roles are those of a wife and mother of three. During her “me time,” she loves listening to music, and becomes enraptured with the enthralling stories of Terry McMillan and Nora Roberts. She especially relishes trying to solve the engaging mysteries of James Patterson and Stuart Woods while eating a bowl of her favorite butter pecan ice cream. Chelle resides in a rural community of Atlanta, GA and enjoys writing, family time, and watching NBA games with her husband. 











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AMAZON: Chelle Ramsey Books

PAPERBACK: Book 1 – BeJeweled: The Flight of an Angel

PAPERBACK: Book 2 – BeJeweled: What a Tangled Web We Weave

KINDLE: Book 3 – BeJeweled: A Beautiful Blend

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    Chelle Ramsey said:
    January 7, 2016 at 9:10 am

    Thanks for hosting me again, Rae. I hope your readers enjoy this. ☺

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      Rae Lamar responded:
      January 7, 2016 at 2:15 pm

      My pleasure, Chelle. I’m sure they will…kudos to you on a great series!


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