NaNoWriMo | Status Sunday

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Before I get to the official count, let me just say that Week 2 kicked my ass… o_O Daily, I didn’t break 2K once. *sigh*

Now, on to the numbers.

nanowrimo blogAs of 9PM Sunday (Nov 16), I have officially written 6,252 words for the week:

Day 10 – writing break 🙂
Day 11 – 1794 words
Day 12 – 1096 words
Day 13 – 1386 words
Day 14 – 1642 words
Day 15 – 334 words
Day 16 – writing break 🙂

That brings my NaNo total word count to 21,546 words…
Which means I fell short of my 27K goal.

Boo. But there’s always Week 3…it’s not over yet!

Next Writing Goal:
To officially catch up, my NaNo chart shows that I must hit the 38,333 mark by next Sunday. Let’s go! #focused

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